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B24Chat is an AI-based service for virtual communication. Become one of the first investors and join us in contributing to making a revolutionary change for the world.

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B24Chat is an AI breakthrough in virtual communication, with particular applications for customer service.

Using artificial neural networks, B24Chat bots can be trained to analyze and respond to questions and prompts, not simply repeat a series of preprogrammed answers. Neurolinguistic programming and a synthetic analysis of natural languages have built a program with the ability to provide responsive, individualized, and highly accurate information for customer service, enabling rapid, successful, and trustworthy transactions and exchanges. 
It’s as if there is a real, living, breathing person behind the screen at the other end of the line, able to anticipate customer or partner’s goals, desires, and questions. 
Using its own AI, B24Chat bots can learn further from their “conversations”, increasing their understanding of their interlocutors and broadening their communications abilities over time.

The B24Chatbot Advantage

It’s not always easy for an employee to respond to a client, particularly in a difficult or tense situation. Smart Chatbots, however, don’t worry about angry clients or negative feedback. On the contrary, each new communication makes them more experienced and better prepared for the next time. B24Chatbots are always available for thousands of clients, whatever their needs may be. 
And of course, B24Chat bots save time and money, and they never get tired, call in sick, or get frustrated by a client!


This cutting-edge tool gives you the sales e-commerce advantage that you need, including: 







B24Chatbots can be placed on your content sites, sales sites, social media, and chats services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram. You also can integrate your payment system, enabling customers to “talk” to a “sales rep” and then immediately make a purchase or transaction. 

More technology to revolutionize e-commerce and respond to client needs!


The B24Chatbot is constantly learning and improving. In addition to gaining experience from customer interactions, it can study the content of a company’s website, improving its knowledge of products, services, promotions, and new developments


The B24Chatbot collects, processes, and retains data from users and customers, to prepare for future interactions and to pick target content about products, services, and other opportunities.

Personal Assistant App

The B24Chatbot adviser can keep you informed about upcoming events, recommend relevant purchases or services, coordinate meetings, send emails and SMS automatically or when requested, and much, much more!

A smart search engine using AI and neural networking technologies to enable B24Chatbots to look through a company’s website and make the recommendation for products and services that the customer needs

Management Model: The system’s comprehensive design ensures wide-ranging accurate, and effective answers and follow-up for an unlimited number of scenarios.


Templates and Modules: B24Chatbots come pre-equipped with templates and modules for scenarios in key sectors, such as e-commerce, restaurants, dentistry, real estate, tourism, law, and events management. The system can hit the ground running and get started quickly when applied to your business. B24 can provide additional virtual “training” for highly specialized users


Quickly install your B24Chatbot agents on your company site and social media pages.


The most effective designs for business such as e-commerce, restaurants, real estate, and much more, with tailored queue models, AI, NLP, and media navigation aids


B24Chatbots predict the flow of the conversation, finding the most effective answers to potential questions.


B24Chatbots work tirelessly 24/7, “learning” to identify new customers, seek out leads, integrate new business processes, and development client-focused solutions

B24Online’s team has deep and diverse experience in international IT and e-commerce. The company’s project, over the past 20 years, have reached over 50,000 companies and entrepreneurs, around the world, including through partnerships with chambers of commerce on multiple continents and the Business Center of the CIS. Moreover, B24online has worked with thousands of SMEs in Israel as part of the national Digital Israel program. We understand real businesses and real business needs. 


The project has won prestigious awards in China, the UK, Israel and the CIS


Business potential: Entrepreneurs and SMEs, particularly in retail, face shortages of workers and limited advertising budget, making it difficult to compete against the giants in their industries, but B24Chatbots can lend a helping hand. AI can take responsibility for tasks like marketing, sales, and customer service. Our solution is fast, affordable and, most importantly, it really works!


The potential is unlimited: sales portals and international marketplaces, social media presence, and connections to platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and AliBaba to take advantage of the competition. Find all of your potential customers worldwide!

Chatbots are one the world’s leading and most cutting-edge technologies for marketing and sales. We invite you to be one of the first to invest in this idea new frontier.


Markets include online sales, restaurant orders and reservations, medicals dental clinics, real estate, tourism, legal services, marketing companies, and many others.
A wide variety of templates meet the specific needs of each sector.

All-Israel Conference on Small and Medium Businesses 2019

International recognition and prizes